Saturday, 6 June 2015


Facial scrubs... my newest rave. 
I usually have these annoying breakouts on my face which become an obsession whenever I decide to take notice of them. Unfortunately, two weeks ago I did take notice.  Sharply, I started this
new routine and without tooting my horn, I daresay, my face has taken on this beautiful glow. Inspired,  I decided to write on just one of the things I did and still do... facial exfoliation.
I only recently learnt facial scrubs and exfoliators were basically the same. Facial scrubs remove dead skin cells from the face thereby giving the new cells a chance to thrive. Cell turnover decreases as we get older and as I desire to age with grace, I resolved to start off a skin care regimen at once.
Hollywood's most sought after skin care guru, Kate Sommerville, named exfoliation as her number one advice while on The Doctors-TV Show.
Of course, I have given my brothers the gist as contrary to the widely held belief, facial scrubbing is not for the ladies alone. Men stand to share in the benefits.
Irrespective of skin type; dry, normal, oily,  combination or sensitive,  exfoliation is good for everyone. For those with skin as sensitive as mine, I advise a visit to your dermatologist or aesthetician before trying products. As much as possible, stick with fragrance free items.
Exfoliation is best done once or twice weekly and according to an article in Allure magazine, this is best done in the morning as the skin regenerates and repairs itself at night.
To exfoliate; wet the face, apply the scrub in circular motion with particular attention to the T-zone, leave for some minutes if required then wash off. Remember to moisturize the face afterwards.

Scrubs can be mechanical or chemical.
Chemical scrubs contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or other enzymes which loosen the glue like material between the cells thereby allowing them ease away.
Mechanical scrubs include the use of foams, creams and gels containing microbeads. Exfoliating creams that are moisturizers are better for people with dry skin while the gels are more suited for individuals with oily skin
Care should be taken to choose products containing smooth microbeads to avoid inflicting injuries on the skin.

The many benefits of exfoliation:
Opens up the pores and keeps the skin soft.
Improves the skin tone.
Controls outbreaks.
Reduces fine lines and blemishes.
In people with dry skin, it helps with flakiness.
Improves the penetration of products and treatment outcome.
Maintains skin luster as one ages.

On the downside, some products could cause:
Skin irritation
Pigmentary changes
Skin atrophy
Facial redness

Over exfoliation should be avoided as it could aggravate skin problems.
A lot of over-the-counter scrubs are available but the choice of product to use is dependent upon skin type and cost.
My dearies, you are hereby encouraged to start up your skin care routine by exfoliating your faces this weekend and... Don't forget to send in your before and after photos as we continue on the path of graceful ageing.
Stay Safe and Live Clean With Dr Ib.
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