Thursday, 2 July 2015


I had just returned from the Monday morning clinical review ready to embrace the new week. The folders were already stacked on the table. After a ten minute reprieve, the patients were called in. When it was his turn, he walked in. A well groomed middle aged man probably in his early to mid fifties. I had seen him earlier in the

waiting room looking intently at the screen of his ipad as though he were trying to absorb every bit of the article he was reading. Bidding him to a seat, we exchanged pleasantries and got to the crux of his visit.
"Doctor, please I would appreciate an education on the vasectomy procedure. I am considering undergoing one".
Sharply I looked up. His was an uncommon request particularly in an African setting. I set aside my pen and leaned back. He had my full attention.
Mr Ojah is a 53year old buisnessman who hails from the southern part of the country. He owns a chain of restaurants sited in the major cities of the nation. Mr Ojah is married to Ego, his heart throb of 17years and their union is blessed with seven children(in his words, seven ebullient and intelligent damsels).
Mrs Ojah is 43years old. Seven months ago, she walked into her husband's office very excited. She was pregnant and the ultrasound scan revealed a male fetus. Three years before, they had agreed to stop trying for a male child. He was content with the hand his chi had dealt him and was determined to give his family the best of himself. Despite his reservations, he was caught up in her excitement.
Two months ago, he nearly lost his wife and the mother of his children.
On that fateful day, he came in from work to see his wife lying in bed clutching her abdomen. She looked very sick. She had ruptured membranes three weeks earlier and kept the information to herself while she secretly visited a prayer house. Setting aside his briefcase, he took her to the hospital. There she was found to be in septic shock      as a result of chorioamnionitis. An ultrasound scan done revealed a dead fetus. Her uterus was evacuated and she almost went in for a hysterectomy as a result of uncontrolled blood loss. She has been discharged and she's gradually getting herself together emotionally and psychologically.
Knowing his wife, Mr Ojah knew it was only a matter of time before she renewed her attempts at having a male child. He loved his family dearly and had resigned himself to not having a son. In order to save his wife from herself,  he wants to get a vasectomy done without her knowledge. He had surfed the internet for information and came to the clinic to seek medical advice before making a decision.
At this point, the roles got reversed. He listened while I spoke.
Stay connected as our conversation continues in the next post. I won't keep you waiting for too long. Promise

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  1. Too soon to make such a decision... I think his wife has a right to know... Interesting article Dr.. Eagerly waiting for the next post...

  2. Yea I agree I think he should talk to the wife

  3. Nice article doc..kip it up God bless you

  4. Yea I agree I think he should talk to the wife

  5. Nice one dear. Wifey should know though.

  6. His wife should be in the know because he is about to make a life changing decision.
    Nice one, IB!