Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Good day Dearies. I know we are all expecting the next article (Rape 11)  but i just couldn't wait for it's publication  before I made a come back. This time, I really need to be put through.
Just yesterday we were performing a caesarean section on account of a previous scar and fetal macrosomia(big baby) but... that isn't the gist. As the surgery was ongoing a thought popped into my head. It has actually been in my subconscious for a while and I deceided to voice it aloud. As I didn't get an appeasing response I knew I had to throw the matter to a larger audience.
Because I really want to be a healthy, trim and glam mama, I have taken to noticing the abs
of other mothers post delivery. And...there's this thing that begs an explanation between the abdomen "stomach, belly" of women who delivered vaginally and those who underwent a C-section. Incidentally, the ladies who gave birth vaginally seem to spot flatter abs a few weeks to months post delivery as opposed to some of those who underwent a C-section who carry about a bulge weeks and months after. But... the perplexing part is this, most of the ladies of my acquaintance who were sectioned "abroad" surprisingly still have flat abs.
So my question is: What are these ladies doing that the others aren't? Of course most are quick to say "I don't do a thing, it's in my nature" but puleaseeee!!! Take a chill pill.
I know there is a medical explanation but I have realised that there also is a lot of unconventional knowledge out there that has worked for many women and has continually proved very effective through the ages so I'm curious. Someone must know something i don't. So please share...
Do Educate Us With Your Insightful Responses....Dr IB

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  1. I'm interested in the answer. I seem to wonder why a c-section abroad is neater and better than what's obtainable in nigeria.