Thursday, 15 October 2015


Good day my lovelies. I have been MIA for a while, je suis desolée. Alas, our dearly beloved condoms have granted me an avenue to make a comeback.
With the rave  about all them minty, cherry, bubble gummy,etc flavoured condoms on sale and the seemingly widespread crave of the gents for BJs (oral sex, fellatio) i felt compelled to dig around. Behold, a misconception was lurking in the background.

I hear quite a number of young people particularly the females extolling the goodness of sweet smelling rubber in action and when I walk into pharmacies asking casually about flavoured condoms and their sale rate. I hear the same story, the market for them is quite lucrative, they are sold almost as quickly as they are stocked... I can't help but wonder at what exactly the buyers are doing with these products?
Are that many BJs being doled out? Kai meninu.
Flavoured condoms are in reality your regular latex condoms with an added flavoured coating. The essence of the flavour is to mask the smell and taste of latex. (You can always take a puking exercise by buying regular latex condom and licking for taste...Yuck!!!)
Flavoured condoms come in a variety of flavours that could make one's head swim ranging from strawberry to vanilla down to chocolate and coffee...the list goes on.
Their purpose? Oral sex. Yes, you read right. Oral and not vaginal/anal sex.
Some maybe thinking "How can she say oral sex? Does she know how unappealing it is to have a rubber covered p***s in one's mouth? Surely, the chances of contracting a germ through oral sex is minimal to non-existent, it's just the mouth not the vagina doc"
Nne/Nnaa, I heard you...and I agree. It's JUST the mouth and not the vagina. But wait exactly does one contract sexually transmitted infections?
The last I checked it was through contact with skin, mucous membrane, body fluids and blood.
Does the mouth come in contact with any of these? The penis has skin and mucous membrane, the ejaculate/cum is body fluid, the micro ulcers on the penis which you are unaware of exposes you to blood. Sugar really...
Note that both recipient and giver are at risk.
During oral sex, one is exposed to a myriad of infections inclusive of STIs. Have I forgotten to mention the viruses that cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma? They can be picked up during oral sex. (At this juncture, I am quick to point out that I'm not discouraging oral sex ooo).
But really, i know many of us like it wild but...if you aren't abstaining or being faithful to one faithful partner then please latch unto option C and play the siren in safety.
On, the writer of an article on flavoured condoms advised against using these condoms for vaginal sex as the artificial flavouring contains sugar-like substances (glycerine, sodium saccharine, aspartame) and other chemicals that may cause vaginal infections.
Another writer on who says she was a victim of flavoured condoms went on to add yeast, bacterial and even bladder infections as possible complications of their use.
For effective barrier contraception when engaging in vaginal/anal sex, I recommend the good old affordable Gold circle condoms that are WHO tested and approved. As affordable as they are, they are also quite effective.
Oh, someone asked "Aren't there products to protect the gents while giving the ladies cunnilingus?"
So sorry boo, I don't know of any but if I get wind of such products I ll be sure to tell.
Till next time...

Do Stay Safe And Live Clean With Dr Ib.
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