Tuesday, 26 April 2016


"Never judge a person till you've walked in their shoes" they say.  When I hear of people whose  belongings have been snatched from the window of a moving vehicle I'm usually quick to think they weren't sharp enough or they had lost their wits. A lot of times I have imagined what I would do if confronted by a thief. Of course I always see myself being brave
and putting to good use my karate lessons.  But as life goes everyday for the thief and one day for owner. This evening was my turn and I wasn't prepared. I lost tons of data; pictures, interview recordings most painfully that done with Farida which I was yet to transcibe, mails, text messages... my heart breaks.
Was I foolish? I believe so.
How could I have forgotten I was at Onitsha and also that my window was wound down?  We were held up in Onitsha traffic and I was busily showing off my pictures to a friend. Then zoom like the speed of light I saw his retreating back. My hands were empty and the only word that left my mouth was "JESUS". My tablet had been snatched and there was nothing I could do. All the mental scenarios I had created of my bravado yet I hadn't done a thing, just watched as he scampered away with my tablet. Am I sad? Terribly. The loss of the tablet is not as crushing as the loss of information; memories, recordings, mails, my life in the past five months. I turned  back to look at my friend with my heart in my eyes and he appeared more dazed than I was.
Do I shout "ole" "thief" "onye oshi"? Do I jump out of the car to give chase or report to the police? Do I call the number and threaten him or offer him a token in exchange for my tablet? Do I offer up curses on his head or take the matter to a shrine?(For a tablet kwa? E never reach!!!). What do I do? Wait ooo...My thoughts take a different direction. What if my handbag had been stolen? Or worse still  if he had cut off my hand to get the tablet? What if I had jumped out to give chase and he started pointing at me shouting thief thief? Too many what ifs. A ga m a ga ogu n'iru chukwu? Mbanu!!! Not at all. It still seems like a nightmare. My tablet was snatched out of my hands through the window in the heat of traffic and I didn't do nada!!! Well...I can share my story and so I decide to write about it. To talk to someone, anyone, everyone.  I believe that's the first and best way to deal with a bad experience. Talk to someone no matter how bad. It doesn't have to be on social media, find a friend, an older person(a wise one ooo) or even a stranger. Yes!!! I have had private conversations with people whose names and faces I don't remember and because they don't want to be followed up they never leave any contacts. I respect that. Family I have found can be fifty shades of queer, weird, annoying and... but they ll always be family and they ll almost always stand by their own no matter how terrible. The embrace of home heals a lot of wounds and home is where the heart is...
As for me, wallahi that young man has carried all my problems for 2016. All the negative forces, all the... May God help him to change his ways and live for him... In all things I'm grateful to God.
Do Stay Healthy and Live well with a depressed and shaken Dr Ib.

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