Saturday, 16 July 2016


The topic must have caught your attention isn't it? Right. Well, I don't blame you. The exact thing happened to me when I heard it.
During the interminably long public holiday, I got bored and decided to do tidy Bantu knots on my hair. Putting myself together, I headed to one of the hair making areas of town.

"Nne, bia kee isi!!! " "Fine geh, come!!! " "I fii braid hair well well!!! ". Calls such as this rend the air.
I was clueless as to whom to approach as I had never been to the area. Looking around for inspiration, I saw her standing by a culvert and noticed she was also on natural hair.
She turned out to be as green as myself though someone had directed her to a salon in the area, I decided to go with her.

Bella and I seemed to have a number of things in common. We were about the same age and had similar experiences ranging from our acne battles to spa sessions down to lingerie challenges. In the course of our two hour encounter, we developed a friendship of sorts.
Our discussion on lingerie led us to corsets and how one could get the perfect kardashian figure, a friend of Bella's resident in Lagos had achieved this feat. Though she had three corsets to her name, ranging from the overbust corset to the underbust and longline corsets including a waist cincher,  Bella wasn't a corset faithful. As she listed the merits of a corset, I imagined myself flaunting the proverbial hourglass figure and got really tempted.
"One negative thing about corsets is that they widen the  p***y. In fact, I noticed that while I was wearing mine there was this pressure I used to feel in my vulva region and my vagina felt wider"

My mouth dropped open and I looked round the salon. This wasn't girlie chitchat, we actually were in a salon with people.
But, omo, as I never wear corset before, I gave Bella my full attention. It was the first of such information and I was trying to understand the mechanism by which corsets did the deed.

So here's what I know about corsets... These undergarments are also known as body shapers, girdles and stays amongst others and have been around since the16th century and possibly beyond. In recent times, the fashion industry has accelerated the demand for these garments due to a desire for the hourglass/kardashian figure. Negative effects such as squeezed ribs and squashed lungs have been documented. Also,it's a quick fix therefore maybe temporary without regular use.

But vagina widening? Honestly, I never hear am before. The only explanation I could come up with was widening due to increased pressure from abdominal and pelvic contents BUT... It doesn't make any sense. Was a measurement taken before, during and after the corset use?  How can she prove the "wideness" was from the corset and not external factors?
So here is a question for the house: Do corsets really widen the vagina? Have you experienced any difference in the width of your "vagina" before and after corset use? For the males, have you noticed any difference in your partner's vagina with the use of corsets?
Though Bella's observation is subjective and yet unproven, my advice to the ladies is this... While you use your body shapers/corsets please do well to practice Kegel exercises which help with vagina strengthening.

Catchya loves as I hunt down some Insanity workout videos to help blast my abdominal fat.
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