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Obioma and Nony have been together for about two years.
"Surely, it's time to move the relationship to the next level" Obioma reflects. To his dismay, each time he broaches the issue of settling down, Nony shies away or keeps mute throughout the one-sided discussion.
Unknown to him, Nony is aware he's playing a double game - a "no strings attached"
affair with his colleague, Ada, who is secretly hoping to replace Nony in his life.

To tie up all loose ends, Obioma has decided to get Nony pregnant without her consent. How would he achieve this without Nony catching on?
Should he offer her a drink spiked with rophynol? Plead with her to allow him impregnate her? Puncture a condom prior to use during sex? How?

On her part, Ada is secretly trying to get pregnant and owing to Obioma's dislike of condoms, she knows she ll snag him soon. "After all,"she reasons "our only mode of birth control is withdrawal method otherwise known as Coitus interruptus".
She had it all planned...Seduction.

That fateful day, things were progressing as planned. They had moved from the dinning to the bedroom, the "gbenshing" already underway when Obioma felt a familiar zing in his genitals. The sweet bolt of lightening that makes you feel your blokos will burst if subjected to any more sensation and heralds the ravenous storm of a "cum".
Jumping up with the speed of a Belgium rat, penis in hand, the young man released into his handkerchief.
Ada felt deflated. All her planning likely gone to waste again.
"All is not lost" she consoles herself.
"Since Alaka the bird has learnt to fly without perching, Okoro the hunter must also learn to shoot without missing" she soliloquized.

Unknown to her, Obioma had already decided that would be their last meeting. He has grown uncomfortable with Nony's continued silence and wants to devote his all to ensuring he makes her his own.

Six weeks later, just as things between he and Nony were improving, he received a call from Ada scheduling an urgent meeting at their go-to drink pub after work hours. Reluctantly, he obliged her.
Her opening statement sent ice down his spine.
"Obi, I'm pregnant and before we discuss further, I ll like to state in no uncertain terms that I don't intend to terminate this pregnancy"
Obioma froze in his seat.
How can a man who has never "cum" inside a woman's vagina, possibily be held responsible for her pregnancy?

Coitus interruptus is a form of birth control in which the male, during the act of sexual intercourse, withdraws his penis from the vagina as soon as he feels the urge to ejaculate and spills his semen away from the female external genitalia. It is also known as withdrawal method or the pull-out method. It prevents pregnancy by keeping sperm away from the vagina but ejaculating around the vulval region can still result in pregnancy.

This is a "male controlled" method of contraception and it's success depends on the self control and experience of the male, also trust on the part of the female partner. The man needs to understand his sexual response, know at what point ejaculation cannot be postponed and have the willpower to get up before it's too late. If he isn't able to do this, another method of contraception is advised.

After the first act of sexual intercourse, you may find tiny beads of semen occasionally coming out from the opening at the tip of the penis. This fluid may contain sperm cells and during the second sexual contact, the sperm gets into the vagina and swims upwards to fertilise an ovum resulting in pregnancy.
As a result of this, urinating after ejaculation is advised as it helps clear sperm from the urethra.
Also, presence of pre-ejaculatory fluid containing sperm cells can result in pregnancy.

It is important to note that coitus interruptus does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.

To grasp the "to do" of this process, the male can start by withdrawing his penis prior to ejaculation while using a condom.
Reliability depends on correct and consistent use.

I will use Coitus interruptus as a method of contraception - YAY // NAY??

It is free and readily available/ cost effective
Has no side effects
Doesn't require prescription/ easy to use/convenient
It can be used by people who have an aversion to contraception or cannot access other forms of birth control.

It has relatively higher risk of pregnancy
Increased exposure to sexually transmitted infections
It's not advisable for men who ejaculate prematurely
It is male dependent.
Pregnancy can occur if withdrawal is not properly timed or pre-ejaculatory fluid contains semen.
Some people may have issues with the interruption of sexual pleasure.

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