Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Hmmmm!!! Sighing lightly I reminisced over months and years gone by. The days when short dresses, high heeled shoes/sandals, loud lipstick colours and after work meetups were a thing.
"Ib you've changed" a friend noted a few weeks ago
Turning up an eyebrow at him, I asked "How so?"
His response got me chuckling. Truly change had come.
Months ago, I was a carefree, energetic, fun loving and SINGLE naija medical doctor.
Today, I am a pregnant, working naija wife.
Juggling family life, residency, a masters program and my pregnant self.
Days gone by I get back from work, jump into the bathroom, hurriedly freshen up and dash out again for dinner/drinks with friends.
These days even before I get in from work, I mentally hang my boots on the door nail... Ain't going nowhere till tomorrow.
"The social butterfly has finally come home to roost" my sister says.
Surely but gradually, life as I know it is changing.
Initially I tried resisting, tenaciously holding onto my short dresses, heely shoes and gregarious lifestyle.
"Baby girl for life, Pino Pino all the way" was my mantra
As I got pregnant and days became weeks then months, I couldn't keep up. Mother nature had me real good. How she must have laughed at my naivety.
My body was changing rapidly and I was trying to adjust as quickly.
First my bras failed me. My breasts became overly sensitive and tender then started to increase in size (per weekly increase). I quickly filled out the one time oversize bras my sister gave me.
Then came my clothes. I would wear a dress today and it would fit. On attempting to wear it a week later, it wouldn't go beyond my bust region. The ones that managed to slide past my chest region were like bandage over my tummy.
On one occasion, It got so bad I had to unzip my gown at work. As I always have a labcoat handy, I had to wear one all day.
Wardrobe frustration was setting in.
My heely shoes I maintained amidst admonishings. Then back pain set in.
My mother says  "The grasses are truly wise, in the eye of a storm they simply bend and let the wind pass. Trees like the dogoyaro stand tall and proud. In the morning, the grasses rise, seemingly unaffected while the dogoyaro tree lies a broken hero, butchered by the storm"
The frustrating morning routine of looking for work clothes that still fit got to me.
One weekend I called up some friends. I had an urgent need for maternity wear vendors. I also took some materials to my tailor for trendy maternity wears.
It was time to stoop to conquer.
"He who fights and runs, lives to fight another day" the wise say.
Finally comfort took priority over chikito. These days, I can easily be spotted wearing wide fit dresses and flat shoes/ sandals.
Don't get carried away though, I didn't undergo a personality overhaul. My dresses are wide fit but short and lipstick colours remain ever blazing. We are pregnant not incapacitated.
Like I said, it's "Baby girl for life, Pino Pino all the way"
Ka chi foo!!!
The chronicles of a pregnant, working naija wife.